SIG14 Learning and professional development brings together researchers who study work and education as contexts for professional learning. More information about the SIG can be found in here.

Conference theme “From innovative research to innovative interventions” is the theme selected for the SIG14 2020 Conference in Barcelona. Barcelona is the Mediterranean city of innovation, openness, exchange and interculturality. Makes sense then that Barcelona, and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, hosts the SIG14 2020 Conference with this theme.

We encourage presenters to reflect on their research projects and to share with the rest of the attendees those interventions based on research that aim to innovate in the field of learning and professional development. Innovation must be rooted in research and this is what we want to discuss in the conference with the help of outstanding keynotes with a highly relevant expertise on the field from an innovative perspective. Also, and from this perspective, we organize for the first time, the “Research Innovation Pre-Conference” hosted at the UAB Campus Bellaterra to provide opportunities to learn new or different ways of doing research in the field. We welcome then all research that looks for innovate in the field of learning and professional development. Welcome to Barcelona!